VDA 6.3 3rd Edition (2016)

Internal Process Auditor Qualification (32hrs)


Utilizing the process approach and the respective customer specific requirements, this training delivers the basis to qualify VDA 6.3 process auditors. The delivery of the basis of process auditing includes the general requirements, methods, principles, evaluation schemes, and risk analysis rationale. 

The VDA 6.3 questionnaire is aligned to the elements attributed to the process so that, through the process audit, the trained auditor can identify the respective and potential risks throughout the supply chain. Training is designed to qualify auditors for process audits internally (1st-party) or supplier (2nd-party) audits. This class is not accredited by VDA QMC, nor does it qualify you for VDA QMC certification.

Recommended Pre-requisites

  • Correlation with other automotive requirements

  • Automotive QMS requirements (IATF 16949)

  • Quality tools and methods (general)

  • AIAG core tools

  • Specific product and process requirements related to the planned operations

  • Audit program management based on ISO 19011

Note: We can also assist with knowledge of these pre-requisites, as needed (i.e. onsite, remote, video on-demand, etc.)

Program Agenda

  • Correlation with other automotive requirements

  • Overview of the three types of audit and explanation of the differences

  • Overview of the content of the individual VDA 6.3 chapters

  • Introduction to the process approach for risk analysis using the Turtle Diagrams

  • The auditing process from the audit program to its conclusion

  • Planning and conducting process audits

  • Evaluation scheme of a process audit

  • Code of conduct for process auditors

  • Process Element P2 – Project management

  • Process Element P3 - Planning the product and process development

  • Process Element P4 – Implementation of the product and process development

  • Process Element P5 – Supplier management

  • Process Element P6 – Process analysis / Production

  • Process Element P7 – Customer support, customer satisfaction, service

  • Evaluation of findings and points attribution

  • Score calculation and score downgrade rules

  • Audit report, documentation, and conclusion

  • Process Element P1 – Potential analysis

This training program is designed with individual and team exercises, case studies and final exam to thoroughly cover the VDA 6.3 process audit content, enabling future auditors to effectively apply lessons learned to their automotive supply chain. The ultimate objective is to enable the trained auditors to promote process robustness and capability.

Certificate of Qualification
After proof of minimum attendance and approval on the final exam, students will receive a certificate of qualification.

Additional Information

Training does not include the VDA 6.3 standard. Students must purchase this on their own. Each student will receive a Students Handbook and other applicable hand-outs.

Each student will receive a digital file of our VDA 6.3 Process Audit Checklist. In addition to providing a proper repository for all findings collection and respective action plan, this checklist contains all VDA 6.3 questions, all examples of evidence, and the guidance to attribute the points per question – covering the entire content of the VDA 6.3:2016 book. 

Take your learning experience to the next level by adding a 5th day used to perform an onsite VDA 6.3 process audit.

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Other Course Offerings

  • VDA 6.3 Process Audit Awareness (16hrs)

  • VDA 6.3 Process Audit Management Overview (4hrs)

  • VDA 6.3 Process Audit Remote Overview Webinar (1-2hrs)

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