Free videos & Webinars

Exemplar Global Webinars: Live and on-demand webinars relating to the auditing and standards profession, on topics including:

  • Future of the Auditing Profession

  • Quality (ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, AS9100, and TL 9000)

  • Environmental (ISO 14001:2015)

  • Food Safety (ISO 22000, SQF Edition 8, NFSA, and more)

  • Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001)

  • Auditor Skills (essential information for better auditing)

Concentric Global’s YouTube Channel: Various webinars & in-studio recording to help you learn and build your CPD (Continued Professional Development) or CEU (Continued Education Units) log.

Free tools & templates

The Concentric Document Library contains free material that can be reviewed by individuals as a reference source and free general knowledge hub.

FMEA Template - Fourth Edition + SOD Ranking Tables

03 Handout - Priorities Gap Assessment (6.28.11)

15 - Audit Checklist (2.12.12)

16 - NCR from The Ultimate CAPA Report (2.12.12)

16 - Resolution Report (Advanced)

18 - 5W2H (2.12.12)

18 - Fishbone & 5 Why (2.11.12)

Auditor Skills Training (4.12.10)

Clause Checklist - Use for Auditing Mgmt Review or Project Mgmt (10.11.10)

Control Plan Template (2011)

FM-001 Time & Expense Report (4.18.11)

FMEA Template (Rev 3) & Example (8.30.10)

Goal Converter 2012

Honda 5P Problem Solving Form

ISO 9001-2008 update ISO 14001-2004

EMS Training (8.10.05) ISO.TS 16949_2009 Technical Spec In-Depth (4.16.10)

Management Review Agenda (TS 16949)

Management Review Form (ISO 9001)

Priorities Gap Assessment (6.28.11)

Process Depth Analysis (PDA) Template (10.4.10)


SIPOC Diagram

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